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Who We Are


New Perspective. Mindful Progress.

Therapy for Every Stage of Life

We've been helping clients navigate a variety of life's challenges for more than three decades. Our practice is dedicated to serving individuals who are facing a particularly difficult life event, or those simply looking to take their personal growth and evolution a step further, face traumas of their past, and move into the future with empowerment and freedom.

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to help our clients discover the truest version of themselves and reach their highest potential at every stage of their lives.


"Working with Valerie has been a light in a world of darkness. Group therapy is one of the only things holding me up on this journey. Valerie's compassion and understanding of emotions is pure and sincere. The ways she explains each and every emotion while justifying all of the feelings associated with them is heartwarming and reassuring. Truly a saving grace."

Annie F.

"Valerie was my anchor point during a devastating divorce that had turned my life upside down. She kept me grounded and empowered me with new perspectives I wouldn't have come to on my own. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Valerie by someone who sung her praises just as highly as I am here and now."

Hallie H.

"From the beginning, she made me feel heard, seen and understood. Her compassionate, non-judgmental approach helped me feel safe as I worked through some difficult challenges.

She has a deep level of insight and empathy, helping me understand my thoughts and feelings in ways that have been transformative for me."


Our Story

Granoff Therapy Associates was established in Austin, Texas by Valerie Granoff, LCSW, in 1999. It was born from a vision of bringing client-centered care to those across all generations and stages of life, and the strength she found in facing her own life challenges.


Today, we offer both in-person therapy as well as virtual sessions, so that we may better serve our clients at their utmost comfortability and convenience. Contact us today to book your first session and decide if our practice is the right fit to guide you along your journey.

Our Promise

To provide a safe and nurturing space free of judgement where every client can relieve the challenges of their life and gain new perspectives that leave them feeling peaceful and empowered.

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