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Office of Valerie Granoff, LCSW



I am available to support new and existing clients with telephone and video sessions.


We are all striving for a sense of normalcy, structure and balance during this time.  Whether we live alone, with roommates or family, it isn't easy. My practice is dedicated to helping clients improve the quality of their lives and relationships. Right now, making sense of restrictions that are out of our control can be overwhelming and is only compounded when combined with managing anxiety, depression or the strain of relationship and life transitions. 

I am here to help.  Contact me today for a consultation.

Valerie Granoff LCSW Austin TX Psychotherapist Specializing in life transition, infertility and anxiety and depression counseling

Valerie Granoff, LCSW

Austin, TX  512-258-2812

With nearly three decades of professional and clinical experience counseling, Valerie Granoff, LCSW passionately helps her clients improve the quality of their lives and relationships. 


Valerie’s balance of lighthearted warmth and solution-oriented style makes her clients feel comfortable and motivated to tackle the work needed to accomplish their goals. Clients receive validation, normalization and the tools to learn to cope with depression, anxiety, infertility, couple’s issues, loss and life transitions.


She works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Having personally experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, Valerie brings a level of empathy and understanding to women and couples experiencing the pain, anxiety and all consuming nature of the infertility journey.  


In addition to her therapy practice, Valerie consults with CEO's, entrepreneurs and medical professionals on how to apply basic ground rules and processes to thrive in their businesses, confront organizational challenges and generally support successful leadership practices. Her public speaking includes thriving in chaotic situations, life priorities and balance, the impact of mental illness on families and the psychological aspects of infertility. She also provides patient sensitivity training to physician groups and their staff. 

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