The Women's Infertility Retreat is a therapeutic, educational and relaxing weekend, giving participants support, practical tools for wellness, and a break from the triggers and stress that are a constant part of the infertility journey. 

Join other women just like you, who are on the physical and emotional roller coaster associated with PRIMARY infertility. The weekend will be devoted to wellness activities, with careful attention paid to maintaining a nurturing, supportive environment by specialists and professionals who personally understand or have experienced infertility.

The Women's Infertility Retreat will be held at the CYJ Retreat Center, nestled on 240 acres of natural rolling terrain in the Texas Hill Country in historic Wimberley, TX. 

CYJ Retreat Center is about 45 minutes south of Austin and an hour from San Antonio.  The center functions as a Jewish camp for children during the summer months, and a "bohemian chic" retreat center the rest of the year. With a 5-acre lake, small waterfalls, towering oak trees, hiking trails and a long list of camp-like favorites including swimming pool, tennis courts, campfire and s'mores, it's the perfect setting for getting away, recharging, and connecting with others and nature.

Questions?  eMail responses within 24 hours or schedule a brief call with Valerie Granoff to explore whether the retreat is right for you. 

"No one understands the pain, anxiety and all-consuming nature of the infertility journey like another woman sharing the same experience. Juggling treatment calendars, doctors appointments, hormones, work and caring for others, leaves little time for self-care. Often times the feeling of isolation can be overwhelming. 


My personal experience and 20+ years working with infertility clients taught me the greatest form of support is joining with others who understand first-hand. 


This weekend is all about focusing on and rediscovering the best parts of yourself, making connections with like-minded women and receiving support and coping strategies in a safe, comforting setting. My greatest hope is that you will return home feeling more relaxed, empowered and hopeful."

Valerie Granoff

Psychotherapist Specializing in Infertility & Women's Infertility Retreat Organizer