Women's Fertility Retreat FAQ

Retreat FAQ

Q. What are the benefits of the retreat?

A. Here are some of the benefits that our clients have experienced in the past from this work. (Note that we cannot guarantee these results. Each person must take 100% responsibility for their own healing, and continue healing practices after the retreat):

  • Increasing your support system

  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation

  • Peace of Mind

  • Rejuvenation of Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Reconnection with Nature

  • Healing Grief & Loss

  • Increase Health & Energy

  • Tools for decreasing and managing depression & anxiety

  • Heal Relationship patterns

  • Learn to be Present and experience Stillness

  • Coping with Grief and Loss

  • Understanding better nutrition for wellness


Q. Do I need to have a specific experience or background to join the Women’s Infertility  Retreat?

A. We welcome all women who are experiencing any form of infertility and/or who have had a pregnancy loss, and do not already have children of their own (step children are the exception). Women attending may have only had a pregnancy loss, may just be at the beginning of their fertility journey, on a break sorting through decisions and are seeking support, have been in treatment for fertility, or are considering third party alternatives.


Q. What kind of food will be served?

A. The retreat center chef will prepare delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Water, juices, coffee, and tea, and fresh fruit and light snacks will be provided.


Q. Will there be alcohol?

A. There will not be alcohol served as many of our participants are in the middle of fertility treatment and can not drink alcohol.


Q. Will you be able accommodate to food allergies, restrictions or dietary preferences?

A. Yes. Please let us know about any food allergies, dietary restrictions in advance, and we will work with the chef to accommodate your needs.


Q. How do I get to the CYJ Retreat Facility in Wimberley?

A. You will have to provide your own transportation to the retreat. Secure parking is available and 24-hour security is on site. If you would like coordinate a carpool with another attendee from your city, please contact us directly to discuss this option.


Q, What time is arrival and departure?

A. Check-in will be at 1:00 p.m. Friday and Departure will be 11:30 on Sunday.


Q. I’m all for being social, but I also like my privacy.  Can I have a single room?

A. Absolutely.  We offer a limited number of single rooms.  If you are interested in a single room, book early to ensure you will have a space of your own. The cost of a single room will be slightly higher than a shared room or cabin.


Q. Do I need to participate in all of the activities listed on the itinerary?

A. While you are not required to participate in all of the activities, we do encourage you to do so in order to get the most out of your time there. There is downtime built in to each day so that you can have time for yourself.


Q. What should I pack for this Retreat?

A. We suggest you dress for comfort--yoga or work-out clothes, jeans, shorts—dress for casual comfort. We’ll be on the property during the Retreat so there won’t be any fancy dinners to get dressed up for. We’ll have daily yoga classes so come prepared for those classes and bring your yoga mat if you have one. We will have yoga mats for use if you do not have one. Wear comfortable shoes as you’ll want to walk the lovely property during the day and bring a jacket so you can sit out at night by the fire pit to enjoy the stars. Prior to the retreat, we provide a packing list with a more detailed list of suggested items to bring.


Q. How many guests are in each retreat?

A. We try to keep the numbers low enough to accomodate an intimate feel. 15-30 is our expected attendance. We are planning future retreats so there will be spaces for other dates as well.


Q. Will there be other groups at the retreat facility?

A. The CYJ retreat center is quite large and can accommodate other groups. While there may be another group sharing the facility on the same weekend, great efforts are made to ensure that each group has its own separate space without much overlap. During meals, there are times that the groups will share areas of the dining room. There will be no children at retreat facility during the weekend of the Women’s Infertility Retreat.


Q, What is the retreat facility like?

A. We like to call it "bohemian chic", “rustic modern” or “upscale camp”. CYJ (Camp Young Judaea) is a Jewish summer camp for kids. The facility is used during the year as a retreat facility for any number of groups of all culture, religious and spiritual backgrounds, corporate events, weddings, etc. The accommodations are cabins and lodges with simple yet very comfortable rooms, modern facilities and plenty of beautifully lit outdoor space. Photos of rooms and the grounds can be seen in the photo gallery.


Q. Is there free Wi-Fi access?

A. Yes, there is free Wi-Fi, however, the reception can be a bit spotty. But there are plenty of areas around the camp with strong service.


Q. Is mobile phone usage allowed during the retreat?

A. We encourage minimal cell phone use so that you may be fully present for yourself and for others. One of the goals of the retreat is to disconnect as much as possible from the hustle and bustle of normal life.  We ask that cell phones remain silent during programmed activities and used only during breaks and free time. If you must use your phone during an activity, please step away from the group so that we can retain the relaxed nature of being “away from it all”.


Q. Are there spa services at the CYJ Retreat Center?

A. The retreat center functions as a children’s camp during the summer so it does not contain a spa. Limited services such as a group acupuncture demonstration and privately schedule abdominal massage services will be available. And there will be a full schedule of wellness educational opportunities, yoga, meditation, time to experience nature and therapy groups.


Q. What does a typical retreat day look like?

A. Click here to view a tentative schedule.

Q. I'm ready to book!  How do I sign up for a retreat?

A. You can quickly and easily sign up for a retreat by clicking here.