Valerie Granoff, LCSW

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With over 25 years of professional, clinical experience in therapy practice, Valerie, empowers women and men to improve the quality of their lives. Having personally experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, Valerie brings a level of empathy and understanding that enhances the women's experiences whose lives she touches.

Clients receive validation, normalization and the tools to learn to cope with depression, anxiety, infertility, couple’s issues, loss and life transitions. Valerie’s balance of lighthearted warmth and solution-oriented style makes her clients feel comfortable and motivated to tackle the work needed to accomplish their goals. 

 Valerie works with individuals, couples, families and groups. She also lectures on the psychological aspects of infertility and provides patient sensitivity training to physician groups and their staff.

Psychotherapist and Women's Infertility Retreat Organizer

Kendall Ash McAnally, LAc

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Kendall McAnally is a licensed acupuncturist, fertility coach, herbalist and abdominal massage practitioner. She specializes in reproductive acupuncture treating fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health. Her primary method of treatment is based in Whole Systems Medicine which approaches healing each individual holistically, through tried and true alternative medical treatments. Kendall uses acupuncture, abdominal massage, and herbal medicine to gently heal women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, experiencing pregnancy loss, or postpartum. 


Kendall is board certified and licensed by the Texas Medical Board and the National Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Kendall earned her Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in 2012. Her undergraduate studies were at Texas State University where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Psychology in 2006. Kendall enjoys supporting and empowering women to care for themselves in natural and gentle ways. 

Licensed Acupuncturist & Abdominal Massage Practitioner

Rosalind Haney, RN, CCN

(512) 924-5444

Rosalind has known the devastating diagnosis of infertility, and PCOS in particular. It took her 3 years to heal and have her first son, and then her second. She knows how it feels to want a child, and knows how strong and confident the body needs to be to conceive and deliver. For 12 years, Rosalind has offered guidance on health and nutrition to individuals and couples wanting to improve their fertility and the health of their pregnancy. She believes strongly in the body’s inherent ability to heal and reproduce. Rosalind teaches the biology of reproductive health and helps individuals and couples identify the simple diet and lifestyle choices they need to enable fertility and a healthy pregnancy.


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science with a psychology minor from St. Edwards University and has received two clinical nutrition certifications. She brings her collective knowledge as a Registered Nurse, certified clinical nutritionist, former certified childbirth educator and former infertility nurse. Rosalind has had a joyful experience raising two healthy boys with her husband of 38 years. She also works as a Hospice Austin volunteer. Rosalind’s mission is to offer hope and trust in your body’s inherent ability to heal, provide practical and proven methods to improve your reproductive health, offer current, researched advice that is personalized to each woman’s needs, facilitate your ability to make your own perfect choices, support the life-long health of your children, listen with care and compassion, be an example of a life lived that is healthy, balanced and purposeful.

Certified Nutritionist

Andi Jo Richards


Andi Jo is a Health Coach and Plant-Based Chef in Austin, Texas.


Her journey to wellness began about 10 years ago when she moved to Seoul, South Korea and healed her IBS while eating a plant-based diet...well, that and lots of Kimchi! After a brief stop on the Big Island of Hawaii where she harnessed her skills as a chef, living and cooking of the land, she moved to Austin with her husband, in 2010. She discovered that her background in education was best utilized in the health and wellness sector and started her business Traveling Recipes, where healthy eating education met gourmet, plant-foods.


For the past 8 years, her work has centered around helping the Austin community reverse Western disease, spreading the love of wholesome and healing food to any avenue her path allows.


After a miscarriage in 2015, and a year of self exploration and deepening, she found her calling as a Health Coach for Whole Foods Market Medical and Wellness Center, where she helps her patients achieve their own personal wellness goals through diet and lifestyle.  In 2017, Andi and her husband gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She is thrilled and honored to be a part of this weekend’s retreat and looks forward to connecting, sharing wellness support, and helping others optimize their healthy lifestyles during the fertility journey.  


Katelin, MS, PA

Katelin is a native Austinite. She has always used art as a way to express and release emotions. This tool became a particularly important way of coping through her difficult and painful infertility journey. Professionally, Katelin is a Board Certified Physician Assistant. She received her advanced degree from Baylor College of Medicine.


In her free time, Katelin expresses her creativity as an avid potter. As she spends much time in a high-paced work environment, she uses art as a way to achieve greater balance and exercise both sides of her mind.  During her 2-year struggle with infertility, Katelin created some incredibly unique and meaningful pieces of art as a way of coping. The process of creating these pieces helped to give her a greater sense of control, an outlet, and a tangible way to create an external expression of her feelings. And now, having these pieces allows Katelin to reflect on the strength and courage it took to make it through her journey.


Katelin felt incredibly supported by the infertility community during her struggle, and through her passion for art, Katelin is excited about the opportunity to give back to others and offer the same support toward healing that was given to her. Katelin’s best moments are when she is with her husband and infant son, and whenever possible, travelling and hiking in remote parts of the world.

Art Therapy Facilitator and Board Certified Physician Assistat

Jodi Novicoff, RYT

Jodi practices yoga as a way to balance mind, body & spirit.  After receiving a degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University, Jodi developed an innovative core centric training program for elite athletes. Jodi’s goal is to offer a comprehensive approach in all that she does. She went on to complete her Yoga Training and is passionate about teaching others the ability to strengthen the spirituality & breath from the inside out.  Her intention for all of her students is to enjoy and experience yoga as a vehicle for all to flourish spiritually, emotionally and physically both on their mat and into their daily lives.


Jodi lives in Overland Park, KS, is married and a mother of 3.

Registered Yoga teacher and Gold Certified ACE personal trainer

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